Iowa Expansion

Blairstown Renewable Fuel Bio-Refinery and Marion Material Resource Recovery Facility moving forward.

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Iowa Public Radio Interview : River to River with Ben Kieffer

Landfilling a Long Term Commitment; What’s the Alternative? July 7, 2014 By LINDSEY MOON & BEN KIEFFER What do you throw away? Do you think about it? Do you care? In 2013, 2.6 million tons of trash was buried in Iowa landfills. 184,000 tons of that trash came from other states, and Iowa sent 76,000 tons of trash […]

Andritz technology for Fiberight’s municipal waste to biofuel plant in Iowa

Waste Management World.Com 8 July 2014 By Ben Messenger Managing Editor  Graz, Austria based technology manufacturer, Group ANDRITZ, is to supply equipment, engineering, and field services for Fiberight’s cellulosic ethanol plant in Blairstown, Iowa. The manufacturer explained that its technology will be used for continuous pre-treatment of municipal solid waste feedstock which will then be converted […]

With new uses for garbage in sight, Maine group representing towns wants to get into the trash business

With new uses for garbage in sight, Maine group representing towns wants to get into the trash business ORRINGTON, Maine — What if the banana peels, coffee filters, diapers and other biodegradable material we throw into the kitchen trash can could be used to fill a gas can? Or made into pellets that could be sold […]