You’re on concrete and under-cover the entire time
Your turn-around time from the time you enter, until the time you leave is short – our goal is 30 minutes or less
The facility is designed for commercial truck traffic with multiple tipping bays
You’ll have less wear and tear on equipment and tires, as dedicated loads of C & D debris will not be accepted for processing
You’re customers achieve an 80% plus recycling rate – and you get paid to help them do that!

FIBERIGHT WASTE SUPPLY PARTNERS w/ a signed confidential Letter of Intent for Waste Supply which is non-binding until construction of the Marion MRRF is 75% complete.

  • Stored Tare Weights
  • Competitive Tipping Fee
    • $38 per ton or less for MSW, depending on waste supply
    • We pay you for your co-mingled recyclables* with our revenue share  program (*based on current market value and volume of clean, source separated materials you deliver to us)
  • Priority Tipping, when busy
  • Net 30 Day Billing, with credit approval
  • Access to customized Education, Outreach, Marketing and Recognition Materials (via a password protected area on our webiste)
  • Company Recognition Program, for your customers who want to be recognized for Zero Waste activities, upon request
  • Monthly Sustainability Reports, you can share with your customers, upon request
  • Promoted on Fiberight.Com, at your request

ALL OTHER HAULERS w/o a signed confidential Letter of Intent for Waste Supply

$38 per ton gate rate for MSW
$20 per ton processing fee for co-mingled recyclables, NO revenue share
Net 15 Day Billing, with credit approval
No other benefits, as listed above

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