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Fiberight looks to work with Benton County on new ethanol facility

By JIM MAGDEFRAU | Star Press Union Editor | Too good to be true? That’s what one Benton County supervisor thought as heard an update on the Fiberight ethanol plant in Blairstown, which was given Tuesday, April 29, at the supervisors’ meeting in Vinton. Giving the update were Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO of Fiberight, Brian […]

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Like a scene from a movie: trash may soon fuel cars

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) Perhaps you remember the scene from Back to The Future, where Doc fills the DeLorean time machine up with garbage to create fuel, then goes whizzing down the street? While we haven’t mastered time travel, fuel made of garbage is becoming a reality.

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Clean fuels can help drive Virginia’s economy

Every week, the garbage truck collects your trash and carries it away to a landfill. Imagine if the driver took a different path and carried the waste to a refinery, to be turned into fuel that powers our cars, trucks and buses. This is not science fiction – it is happening today, in Lawrenceville.

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Three Waste-to-Energy Solutions

We all add to the waste stream every day – probably without thinking much about it. According to Webster, waste is “damaged, defective, or superfluous material,” also considered, “an unwanted by-product,” or refuse, which is defined as “a worthless or useless part of something.” In other words, it is something that was created that no longer has any use for anyone.

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Fiberight looking to build four new Maryland sites, add jobs

Fiberight LLC has been on the fast track to commercializing owner Craig Stuart-Paul’s technology for turning trash into biofuel since Stuart-Paul founded the company in 2007. In January, the company landed a $25 million loan guarantee from the USDA to convert a corn ethanol plant in Iowa to a biofuel facility.

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Maryland company asks for Iowa City’s trash

By Brian Scott, CBS 2 & Fox 28 News IOWA CITY (CBS2/FOX28) – It’s like clockwork every day, all day long at the Iowa City Landfill: the trash comes in and never comes back out. Trucks leave the garbage to decompose in the Earth indefinitely. Most give little thought to the process or what’s being […]

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Triangle company helping turn trash into fuel

By Kerstin Nordstrom – As much as we may want to recycle, our trash bins fill with dirty paper towels, pizza boxes, fabric bits and apple cores, helping account for the 165 million tons of non-recycled garbage Americans produced last year. A Triangle-based company has now come up with a way to turn that […]

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Fiberight Produces Biofuel from Trash

By Joanna Schroeder – Fiberight has announced it has received key federal approval for its production process. The company, who has enlisted Novozymes as a partner, has developed technology to convert non-recycled municipal solid and industrial wastes into advanced biofuels. To achieve federal approval, the company proved its ability to separate recyclable paper, cardboard, […]

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Fiberight Receives Federal Approval For Waste to Biofuels Production Process

Posted by Biofuels Journal Lawrenceville, VA—Advanced biofuels from household trash are a critical step closer to consumer gas tanks after Fiberight, a Novozymes partner, announced Aug. 2 a key federal approval for its production process. Fiberight has developed cutting-edge technology to convert millions of tons of non-recycled municipal solid and industrial wastes into advanced biofuels […]

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Companies Show Cellulosic Ethanol Made From Waste Paper

WASHINGTON– In the shadow of Capitol Hill, a pair of companies this week introduced what they called the first advanced biofuel made from government waste – paper trash garnered from government agencies’ recycling bins.

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