Fiberight has assembled a team with extensive experience in the following areas that will ensure implementation as planned of the proven technology process and deployment from the demonstration plant to full commercialization scale:

  • Waste management & recycling;
  • Design & implementation of mechanical and chemical processes including ethanol, water treatment and cellulosic product manufacture;
  • Operations of waste & biofuels plants;
  • Real estate development, location, permitting, financing; and
  • Management systems integration such as safety, environmental, accounting and change.

Craig Stuart-Paul | Founder & CEO

Craig Stuart-Paul has been involved in the science, operations and management of brewing and recycling businesses for almost two decades. Mr. Stuart-Paul launched the Oxford Brewing Company, Maryland’s first micro-brewery. He segued from brewing into the recycling business with the formation of Resource Recovery of Maryland in 1994. This business focused on processing recycled glass into furnace-ready material for the glass container industry. Mr. Stuart-Paul was an industry pioneer in the use of optical sorting technologies for contaminant removal. In 1996, he formed Fairfax Recycling, Inc, a company that recycled residential materials collected in central Maryland and Northern Virginia. He built Fairfax into a large regional recycling center, processing over 150,000 tons of recycled materials annually before he sold the business to a Fortune 50 company in 2004. Mr. Stuart-Paul then formed Atlantic Recycling Technologies, LLC and Fiberight LLC to develop advanced fiber recovery and alternative fuel technologies. With his expertise in the operations, location, and structure of the businesses, he has also been advising design-and-build teams for several large recycling plants in the United States and Europe, that collectively processes over 350,000 tons per year of wastes. Mr. Stuart-Paul holds an HND Business Studies degree from the University of Brighton, Great Britain.

Nick Thompson | Technology

Nick Thompson has worked in a variety of manufacturing sectors including food, chemicals and building materials for over 20 years. During this time, he has progressed from direct line management through general manufacturing management to full profit and loss accountability. As a result of these experiences, Mr. Thompson has had direct responsibility for all operational aspects including health and safety, procurement, capital investment, maintenance, quality assurance, product development and human resources. Mr. Thompson has had direct project management responsibility at a number of plant startups, which has included business process re-engineering activities that has been based around capital investment programs. He has had direct project management responsibility for all aspects including engineering design, equipment procurement and installation. He has always delivered added-value through improved productivity, and product quality using modern manufacturing systems. A creative engineer, Mr. Thompson has developed innovative new products which positioned his companies for significant market advantage. Mr. Thompson has worked on a number of initiatives involving the introduction of recycled materials in established manufacturing processes. Mr. Thompson holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Bath, UK.

Alan Iantosca | Engineering

Mr. Iantosca has over 30 years of experience in the chemicals process, power and the water/waste water industries. Before Fiberight, Mr. Iantosca was the Global Vice President of Business Development for the BOC Group, where he was responsible for business development, execution and commercialization of projects in the energy market sector.  He also provided senior management oversight for the commercialization of all BOC research and development initiatives. Before BOC, Mr. Iantosca worked for American Ref-Fuel Company which owned and operated six energy from waste facilities in the northeast US.  He held positions of General Manager of their $400M Resource Recovery Facility in NJ, was Head of Engineering and Environmental for a UK joint venture company and held various management and engineering positions including  project manager, project engineer, process engineer, and operations line manager with American Ref-fuel and prior to that, Air Products and Chemicals.  Mr. Iantosca holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University.



Philip Sheibley | Board Advisor

Mr. Sheibley, Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Sheibley has been a member of Fiberight’s board of directors since March 2011 and is a principal with FIberight Investment Partners, LLC, a venture capital fund company. Previously, Mr. Sheibley was a Managing Partner with Accenture, where he most recently served as Industry Program Director for Life Sciences, an approximately $800M business for the firm. While at Accenture Mr. Sheibley also served in various leadership roles including leading multi-year, multi-million dollar capability development programs, business development lead for the pharmaceutical industry, global director for management consulting, and developing one of Accenture’s 100 largest “diamond” client relationships. Mr. Sheibley is also a director and board chairman at FastForm Ltd., a medical products company.  Mr. Sheibley is a graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Steve Ragiel | Board Advisor

Steve Ragiel has been an executive in the commodity manufacturing and recycling processing industry for over 20 years. Prior to his strategic role with Fiberight, Mr. Ragiel was CEO and founder of Greenstar North America, which was a $200 million/year, 20 facility, multi-material commodity processor and manufacturer in the US, with backing from the Greenstar Ireland and Greenstar UK parent. Mr. Ragiel will provide important strategic advice, technical assistance and industry connections within the waste management and recycling business sector to facilitate Fiberight’s control over long-term MSW feedstock sources. Mr. Ragiel has a long-standing record of building teams, integration acquisitions, tailoring solutions for customers, hedging commodity risk and reducing unit costs to generate increased shareholder value. Mr. Ragiel is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.