Are your regional waste disposal options diminishing as incinerators close and landfills near capacity? Has the turmoil in the current recycling market priced you out of providing services to your community?

Don’t resort to a low value option to tackle the problem. Fiberight’s environmentally friendly solution will help your community:

  • increase regional recycling capacity,
  • double recycling rates,
  • create jobs,
  • address global climate and sustainability commitments, and
  • create value from otherwise wasted resources.

Fiberight can provide your community with scalable and adaptable technology to serve specific requirements for waste processing across varying populations, geographies, regulatory environments and economic realities. We use the flexibility of our recycling model to easily and affordably customize sustainable waste solutions for our community partners.

Designed to withstand legislative changes in the waste landscape, our technology is a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to landfill or incineration.

Our business development team is ready to discuss how Fiberight can help your municipality, county or solid waste district become part of the solution to the growing waste problem that is plaguing our environment and help mitigate the increased economic hardships it can place on communities.

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Fiberight can help

be part of the solution to the waste problem

How can you get a Fiberight facility in your community?

  1. Email your local authority or look on the web to find out which company collects your waste and which company runs your waste treatment facility (may not be the same).
  2. Find out when the waste contract ends
  3. If the contract is set to end in the next 3 years we want to hear from you!
  4. If possible, find out how much waste is processed by that facility per year
  5. EMAIL us an inquiry including the place where you live, the name of your community’s current waste management company and the date when the current contract ends.
  6. We will then get in touch with your local council/authority/municipality to see if there is scope to deploy a Fiberight facility near you!

Whether you are a municipality, a potential business partner or interested in finding out more about how the Fiberight Process can benefit your community – we are more than happy to work with you!

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Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Our next generation recycling technology helps reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills by recovering discarded materials from household waste and enhancing existing recycling programs.

Partnering with Fiberight allows your community to boast:

  • Increased recycling rates with no change in consumer behavior
  • A processing solution for plastic bags and contaminated recyclables
  • The conversion of virtually all discarded food waste into biofuel or other beneficial use materials
  • A marketable product reclaimed from mixed paper
  • Product pathways for glass and textiles
  • A globally applicable and carbon-negative process that is self-sustaining

Plan for a new Fiberight Solid Waste and Recycling Processing Facility

Waste processing facilities generally have long contract lengths due to the cost it takes to build them. For this reason, it is not uncommon for contract lengths to last 20-30 years.

Under this backdrop, the most common way to get a better, more environmentally friendly solution for your community is to find out when the current contract will end and what the municipality has planned next.
Plans to upgrade waste management systems typically begin years in advance of the planned closure of the current facility due to lengthy selection and construction processes.

If your local municipality is requesting proposals for a new waste processing / advanced recycling facility email our Business Development Team and Let’s discuss how Fiberight can help your municipality become part of the solution to the growing waste problem that is plaguing our communities.