Renewable Fuels

Fiberight is one of the first companies in the US to achieve actual production of 2nd generation biofuels at an industrial scale.  Fiberight’s proprietary extraction, pulping and digestion processes have the potential to unlock over 5 billion gallons of renewable biofuel contained in the 175 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated each year in the United States.  Fiberight’s facilities operate at low temperatures in a closed-loop system resulting in nominal levels of emissions or effluents.  Our intention is to build, own and operate biorefineries that 1) ends the practice of perfecting good materials being buried or burned rather than recycled 2)   provides a cost-competitive recycling market that transforms trash into valuable end-products, including cellulosic ethanol that meets EPA RFS2 renewable biofuel targets and 3) reduces our country’s dependence upon fossil fuels and foreign oil.

MSW : Target Markets

Fiberight has operated a production plant in Lawrenceville, VA since 2007. Following ramp-up of production to prove commercial viability, Fiberight has identified strategic waste partners to  build a “hub and spoke” waste to processing and biofuels production network.  Existing trash collection infrastructure is in place to deliver feedstock to our waste conversion facilities.  Several facilities with existing permits to expedite Fiberight’s execution strategy have been identified.  Fiberight will implement a staged progression that will focus on securing long-term MSW feedstock contracts in target market areas located in urban areas close to fuel demand. Fiberight’s leadership team has extensive prior technical experience and strong relationships within the waste management and recycling industries, which will facilitate expansion into new markets.  Engineering plans and fabricating options are being engineered to create modular process components that can be replicated at low CAPEX and rapidly deployed to new site locations.


  • Fiberight has achieved numerous technical milestones, including conversion of cellulose to biofuel and organic waste digestion at its Virginia on 100% MSW input. Fiberight was issued the nation’s first EPA approved pathway for conversion of Municipal Solid Waste into Biofuels, a key legislative milestone.
    • This key milestone allows Fiberight to be the first to demonstrate to Waste Haulers and Municipalities, a robust and valuable alternative to traditional waste disposal options. Delivery of this milestone also attracted a significant investment from a multi-billion dollar international biotech company.
  • Our technology has been validated and supported by numerous industry leaders, and, when combined with existing permitted facilities will allow Fiberight to develop a disruptive first mover advantage in a valuable industry sector.