Renewable Fuel from MSW a Reality

In 2012 Fiberight’s Renewable Fuel production process was approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  In 2013 Fiberight executed a Resource Recovery Agreement with the City of Marion, IA.  We are currently working with the City of Marion to build a waste processing facility.

The Fiberight Process : Virtual tour of Lawrenceville, VA

  • “Waste” picked up by your garbage hauler, is delivered to the Marion MRRF at a cost competitive to landfill tip fees (and in some cases less).
  • The first sort removes really small materials (such as pet litter, small rocks, dirt, etc.) and really large materials (cardboard, clean wood waste, electronics, large plastic toys, etc.)
  • The remaining materials are conveyed to a state-of-the-art automated sorting system where they are sorted and separated for further processing and / or recycling:
    • Paper, plastics, metals and other recyclable materials are baled and shipped to manufacturers who make new products out of old.
    • Food waste, compostables, non-recyclable papers and other organics are processed in Blairstown where natural, bio-chemical processes and the work of enzymes, produce industrial sugars, which can sold as is or further refined to produce cellulosic ethanol Trashanol™ and biogas that can further refined and compressed as CNG.

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