If you believe, as we believe, materials with value shouldn’t end up buried in a landfill please contact us today.

Common questions:

Will the change have any affect on collection days, frequencies, size of container, or rates?

  • Nothing should change; the tipping fee is comparable and sometimes less than the landfill – so it should not affect rates.

Do you have materials to help us educate employees about the Fiberight process and the fact it is meant to supplement source-separated recycling programs, not replace them?

  • YES, Fiberight provides materials and a dedicated staff person to assist with education and outreach activities, at no cost to your company or your contracted solid waste hauler.

Proving we are close to achieving Zero Waste is important to us as we would like to share and promote that fact with our customers and our community – how will you report our recycling rates with Fiberight?   

  • Fiberight will provide Partners with the recognition they deserve through our Community Recognition Program currently in development AS WELL AS Sustainability Reports that quantifies all environmental benefits, based on materials delivered and processed at our facilities.

How do we sign up?

  • Contact us…zerowaste@fiberight.com or 800.728.9886 and you’ll join good company with a proven system in place to divert at least 80% of the materials found in your dumpster from the landfill to create jobs, produce renewable energy and fuel locally and moves Iowa one step closer to a zero waste reality.

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