Hampden MRRF or Landfill?

The Hampden MRRF is a landfill alternative – for materials leftover after recycling has taken place. Recycling stays the same. Collection and transportation stays the same. DELIVERY of MSW however, is made to the Hampden MRRF, instead of the landfill.

There are many benefits to the Hampden MRRF over dumping at the landfill:

  • Your trucks are on concrete and under-cover the entire time, which means no mud, no muck, no push / pull agreements and no early closures due to high winds.
  •  Our goal for your turn-around time is 30 minutes or less, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, which means less time dumping and more time collecting.
  • The facility is being built for commercial truck traffic with multiple tipping bays.
  • You’ll have less wear and tear on tires and equipment, as limited Construction and Demolition debris will be accepted at the Hampden MRRF, meaning nails and other sharp objects will be limited as well.
  • Your customers achieve an 80% plus recycling rate, by doing nothing differently and you get paid, just like always, to help them!
  • With a signed confidential waste supply agreement you’ll quite possibly pay a lower tipping fee for “waste” and recyclables than you pay now.
  • Additional benefits of becoming a Waste Supply Partner found here.

Want to discuss the Hampden MRRF as your destination for “waste” collected?  Contact us today.

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