The End of Waste

Don’t burn it. Don’t bury it. Use it.

Turning waste into products

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70%+ Recycling rates delivered from unsorted mixed waste

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changes everything

Unique water-based system solves key challenges:

  • Recycling currently unrecyclable waste
  • Turning mixed waste into materials for the circular economy

Renewable energy (biogas) also produced by the process

Materials for the circular economy

HYDRACYCLE™ is a platform technology

  • Bolt-on processes can be integrated with the HYDRACYCLE™ platform
  • Much like apps are integrated with the iPhone platform
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Carbon saving from just one HYDRACYCLE plant equates to removing 20,000 cars from the road each year

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Delivering the End of Waste

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Can we recycle everything?

Our HYDRACYCLE™ plant accepts and processes unsorted non‑hazardous household and commercial waste turning it into high value materials.

WATER BASED: Our highly automated water-based process then separates, sorts and cleans the waste to produce ‘raw materials’. These raw material resources are then used within the circular economy.

The water washes food waste from other materials. The resultant dirty water is treated, via anaerobic digestion, and produces renewable energy (biogas). Clean water recovered after treatment is re-circulated back to the plant.

No costly or toxic chemicals are required.

We have also developed ‘bolt-on technologies’ which are integrated with the core platform to convert those raw materials into market-ready high-value materials for manufacturing.

All this on one site.

Recycling the unrecyclable

Fiberight’s circular solution recovers resources from mixed waste.

These resources, otherwise destined for incineration/waste-2-energy or landfill, are converted into high-value materials and products for manufacturing.

Fiberight’s process recovers and recycles many items in the waste stream which until now could only be burnt or buried after a single use. These include confectionary wrappers, coffee cups, pizza boxes, sandwich packs and many other such ‘unrecyclables’.

The process increases recycling rates without needing to change waste collection systems or increase public participation, as our plant takes all non‑hazardous waste.

This can deliver a 70% recycling rate, with the potential to increase this to 80% or more.

High Value Materials

Fiberight’s automated technology powers the circular economy; moving us towards the end of waste.

Our process delivers: