We Define Waste as a Resource

Next Generation Recycling

By implementing our technology on a local scale, Fiberight’s recovery model aims to make tangible changes towards reversing global environmental malpractice, including plastic pollution, climate change, resource depletion and landfilling.

Fiberight’s technology recovers a sustainable supply of competitively priced raw materials and in-demand commodities with high specificity for re-sale markets offering a return on investment independent of grants, subsidies or artificially high tipping fees.

We provide an economically sustainable and environmentally responsible solution to manage and process both household and commercial waste. Our method boasts a lower carbon footprint and lessens the burden of collection costs.

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Fiberight partners with local municipalities to deliver sustainable solutions utilizing our next generation recycling technology to extract a significantly greater value and energy from unprocessed household and commercial waste.

Plentiful Feedback

Our process takes advantage of untapped resources found in household waste by locating facilities in close proximity to where waste is generated.

Existing Collection Infrastructure

We work with existing haulers to ensure waste is collected without disruption of service to residents and businesses.

Replicable Business Model

Fiberight plants can be constructed at much lower initial capital investment due to the smaller scale, closed-loop system and streamlined permitting process.

Low Operating Cost Model

Fiberight’s disposal costs or “tipping fees” are in line with or lower than what you may be paying in your area for waste disposal now.

Competitive Tipping Fee

Fiberight tipping fee for feedstock supply is the same as or, in most cases lower than, what waste generators pay for disposal now.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our clean technology significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to landfill and incineration, allowing carbon-negative development.

Now is the time to act!

We are targeting rapid expansion of our commercial plants in markets with a population of at least 100,000 focusing specifically on those communities with disposal limitations and high disposal costs.

Our Vision

Fiberight envisions a sustainable future founded on the idea that more environmentally responsible waste management solutions can help drive a “closed loop” (or circular) economy. To shepherd our vision, we have redefined waste as a resource and developed the next generation of recycling technology.

Fiberight’s Vision

A sustainable future where our waste management solution is at the core of driving a truly circular economy.

Fiberight’s Mission

Develop a globally applicable and carbon-negative process that is self-sustaining and does not rely on subsides or incentives.

How we deliver our vision:

We have redefined waste as a resource and developed the next generation of recycling technology to exponentially increase recycling rates, while making it easier for consumers to dispose of waste.

The wastes which we turn into resources:

  • Plastic bags and contaminated waste recovered and upgraded into commodities for local markets
  • Food waste transformed so it can become biofuels and other beneficial use materials
  • Mixed paper is converted into clean cellulosic pulp  for sale on the commodities market
  • Glass, textiles and other residual wastes can produce new value-added product pathways

Saving our planet one bag of trash at a time.

Tons MSW processed

Landfill cubic yards / meters avoided

Tons of CO2 saved

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