Fiberight Maine

Maine Embraces Fiberight’s Waste Processing Technology

The Municipal Review Committee‘s (MRC) original 30-year Agreement to send the municipal solid waste managed by the 187 communities MRC represents ends in 2018.  The MRC has been working with Fiberight since the summer of 2013, when Fiberight provided a detailed response to the MRC’s Request for Expressions of Interest. At its February 4, 2015 meeting, the MRC Board of Directors approved a development agreement with Fiberight after receiving a report on a peer review of its technology performed by the University of Maine Engineering Department. This new facility, planned for development in Hampden, Maine, would process municipal solid waste for MRC member communities using Fiberight’s propriatary, state-of-the-art biotechnology technology to turn MSW into industrial sugars and bio-fuels.


  • University Of Maine Engineering Department Forest Bioproducts Research Institute Report :  UMainePeerReviewReport

Construction Progress