UP – uncaptured, unrecycled plastic packaging

Project Description:

The Uncaptured Unrecycled Plastics (UP) project will establish and operate a commercial-scale demonstration facility for the recovery, sorting and recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging from mixed waste streams, for example reject material from Materials Recycling Facilities and on-the-go/food retail outlet waste. In these streams, plastic packaging is mixed with other types of packaging (glass, metal, paper, cardboard) and food waste making it unrecyclable in the UK’s current plastic recycling infrastructure.

Bringing together technology expertise from Fiberight Ltd and Impact Recycling Ltd, this demand-led innovation will be used to ensure that the plastic recovered is of a high specification for use in onward mechanical and chemical recycling applications. The project, which has been awarded £X in funding, will be particularly focused on developing a sustainable solution for problematic packaging including films and flexibles.

Project Information

Project partners:

Impact Recycling,
Moulding Solutions,
Ranela Recycling Services,

Start date: January 2022

Project length: 3 years

Total Grant Funded Value: £4,200,000

Total Project Value: £10,000,000

Funding Body: Innovate UK