Fiberight Receives Federal Approval For Waste to Biofuels Production Process

Aug 02, 2012 Fiberight Team BioFuel Industry Info, Business News No Comments

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Lawrenceville, VA—Advanced biofuels from household trash are a critical step closer to consumer gas tanks after Fiberight, a Novozymes partner, announced Aug. 2 a key federal approval for its production process.

Fiberight has developed cutting-edge technology to convert millions of tons of non-recycled municipal solid and industrial wastes into advanced biofuels for cars and trucks.

“The days of waste ending in a landfill are gone,” said Craig Stuart-Paul, Fiberight Chief Executive Officer.

“We are giving trash a new beginning – firing our plant and fueling cars and trucks – and providing a less expensive, domestically-made energy source for the country.”

In its plan, Fiberight demonstrated its ability to separate recyclable paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, textiles, metals and glass wastes from organic materials such as food waste.

The company is one of the first U.S.-based companies to successfully produce biofuel from waste on an industrial scale.

Renewable Fuel Standard: Generating private investment, long-term careers

Established in 2005 and amended in 2007, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires that new fuel production technologies meet certain regulations as overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act.

Thanks in part to stable policy like the RFS, companies like Fiberight are nearing commercialization for advanced biofuels.

Fiberight is investing $20 million in its Lawrenceville, VA plant.

The plant will generate 100 construction jobs and 55 long-term careers.

The Lawrenceville facility is expected to produce up to one million gallons per year at full production.

Once Fiberight begins producing fuel at its Lawrenceville facility, it will focus on bringing a larger-scale commercial facility online in Blairstown, Iowa with a target date of 2013.

The Blairstown facility will have capacity to produce six million gallons per year.

The next milestone for Lawrenceville is to run the trash through the process and put the enzymes to work.

Novozymes, the world’s leading provider of enzymes to the biofuels industry, has collaborated closely with Fiberight to streamline the production process and will supply enzymes for the plant.

This major step should happen in the next few months.

The United State’s potential production capacity of advanced biofuels from municipal solid waste is estimated at 10 million gallons per year if all 170 million tons of waste was recycled through a process such as Fiberight’s.

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