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Fiberight helps public bodies and companies throughout the value chain go circular, with solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturers & waste management entities.

Interested in developing a HYDRACYCLETM facility? See below for further information.

Waste management, local authorities and municipalities

UK and US recycling rates have stagnated in recent years but with ambitious and challenging targets to meet as we approach 2030, a better solution is needed.

The HYDRACYCLE™ process supports waste management companies and local authorities to achieve increased resource recovery, meet targets and divert waste from landfill and energy from waste. Recycling rates of up to 80% can be achieved – all without needing to make expensive changes to waste collection systems. Furthermore, we don’t need to ask the public to do more.

This all helps waste management and local authorities meet existing and upcoming legislation.

The environmental and economic benefits of going circular with HYDRACYCLE™ are significant, reducing the environmental impact of waste management and keeping resources in the local and national economy.

Fiberight can offer competitive solutions for residual waste, MRF rejects and RDF – supporting the development of the recycling sector.

Product manufacturers, Brand-owners and material users

Businesses need to be greener by ensuring: their products and packaging are recyclable, recycling more, and by using recycled content in their products and packaging.

Working with Fiberight has the potential to transform a company’s sustainability and truly plug it into the circular economy.  Our patented HYDRACYCLE™ process:

  • Recycles many types of waste currently considered to be unrecyclable
  • Produces a range of raw materials to be used as sustainable feedstocks.
  • Halts the use of fossil-based or virgin resources.
  • Radically reduces carbon footprint of manufactured goods using HYDRACYCLE™ outputs.
  • Localises the circular economy.

This is all achieved whilst supporting the local and national manufacturing industry.

Using HYDRACYCLE™ helps manufacturers meet upcoming governmental targets and legislation, which is moving towards mandated recycled content within products.

This revolutionary process enables companies to follow through on their green pledges and align with the increasing demands from their direct stakeholders and wider society.

Let us help you meet upcoming legislative targets and circular economy drivers – see here.

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Interested in developing a new project?

Want to increase recycling rates, and offer an alternative to landfill/incineration?

Interested in using our sustainable high-value materials in your process?

Contact us to see how we can deliver a profitable and cost effective solution for you.

What we need to develop a new project

  • A permitted site
  • Waste supply
  • Material users / Manufacturers
  • Project Investment

Who will benefit from new site development

  • Communities / local government
  • Materials supply chain
  • Regional job creation
  • Local economic growth
  • The environment

What we can deliver

  • New supply chains for waste treatment and materials supply
  • Increased recycling
  • High-value products
  • Renewable energy supply (biogas)
  • Domestic infrastructure for advanced recycling
  • Reduction in GHG emissions associated with waste
  • A development team with >200 years of collective experience
  • A proven alternative to landfill / incineration
  • Proven market validation of products
  • A profitable business model
  • Skilled job growth in the sector
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