Defining Waste as a Resource

Fiberight Projects

Maine Embraces Fiberight’s Waste Processing Technology

The Coastal Resources of Maine (CRM) facility is the practical application of over a decade of work by Fiberight scientists and engineers to design, build, test and deliver municipal solid waste processing solutions that meet current market demands to increase recycling rates, achieve complete utilization of organics and lower carbon outputs.

This new facility, currently under construction in Hampden, Maine, will process municipal solid waste for 116 member communities using Fiberight’s proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to recover resources from MSW and convert them into Value-added products and bio-fuels.

The plant is scheduled for completion in April 2019 and will process up to 150,000 tons of MSW per year.

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Fiberight Pilot Plant Demonstration facility in Lawrenceville, VA

Fiberight purchased the plant in 2010 for the sole purpose of integrating various pieces of equipment and operating conditions necessary to fully realize the Fiberight vision – maximizing resource recovery from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Since then, Fiberight has logged over 10,000 hours operating the plant. The nature of the demonstration facility has enabled a continuous optimization and evolution of the technology

The facility has enabled:

  • A 1/10 scale to replicate as closely as possible actual operating conditions without building a full commercial facility
  • Running the facility in campaigns in order to trial specific operating conditions
  • Operations of isolated sections of the plant to test specific equipment
  • Modification, replacement, removal or insertion of equipment or process steps in a quick and efficient manner while the technology was under development
  • Focus on proprietary technology rather than proven commercial applications

Fiberight Pilot Plant in Southampton, England

Fiberight runs a smaller scale facility in the UK which enables early stage development and fundamental scientific research into the process and products.

This site houses a fully integrated small scale (kg) operation of the complete Fiberight process.